Sunday, August 20, 2017

high's and lows

This week Gavin and I have felt a little bi-polar as parents. We are either looking at each other and saying, "Our kids are the best! So cute, so great..." or we are saying, "Our children are jerks, entitled little brats..." I am certain that they are a little of both. But, it's funny how we can have such strong feelings in opposite directions during the same week/day/hour.  Any other parents feel this way? Like or dislike them we are sure trying hard to shape them and they are certainly changing us for the better. We are just hoping they turn into kind humans who can contribute to their community. 

Monday I did't take sub job, and I stayed home and sewed. It's been awhile and it felt really rewarding. I made this little shift dress for Kinely, and the blue and white one for Tay. I hemmed the bottom of the blue into a scallop to match the print.

 Tuesday night Gavin completed this great feat! Holding our our kids. 
Wednesday Kinley had her first band practice, she practiced in a studio with a nine year old guitarist who loves ironmaiden. Ironmaiden isn't Kinley's first choice of music, but we are hoping we can maybe swing him to SoundGarden, or PearlJam, since it seems the Avett brothers are out....She loved the hour she got banging away on the drums. The teacher said, "the drummer is the boss" everyone follows you! As a middle child this was news to her, she loves the idea of being the boss.

Thursday we had soccer practice and a back to school movie night at the Elementary school, and I went to the back to school night for the Intermediate school, while Mya was babysitting. It was a busy night.

Friday was Statehood day, it's a rather mixed emotion holiday here. It is also the only state I have ever lived where it is "sorta" celebrated. The Hawaiian schools don't get the day off, but the public DOE schools do. So, this year we celebrated by hitting the beach in the morning, to practice up for the surf contest coming up at the end of the month everyone caught waves and had fun, then we did a 24 hour backpack trip.

I think Taylin has been whistling for about 16 hours straight. The girl wanted to learn to whistle when she was very young, she taught herself and she practices all the time. She is the best family whistler, making Grandpa Rowe very proud.
We did the same location as we did on Mother's Day and we went with the same folks! It was just a repeat of a great trip. 

We made great use of hammocks again, Gavin got Taylin as sleeping, partner and I got Kinley. 

 We didn't see any centipedes, and no mosquitoes at the campsite.  

 The highlight of the trip was the strawberry guava wars. There are a ton of strawberry guava plants on the trail, about 1/4 of the trail is lined with them. So, we started picking them and chucking them at each other. It was really fun.
 Our hammocks had an ocean front view. 

 Headed down the hill, for an ocean swim and domino's pizza. 

Found this cool tree that bent over and grew on itself. 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

The week of new beginnings!

Let's see this week I returned to work at Enchanted Lake Elementary, teaching the academic gifted and talented class...but mostly doing paper work for the first several weeks. 
Mya started school as a 7th gradeer at Kailua Intermediate School, home of the surf riders! We opted out of PE, so she could pick up an extra elective. Now, she has two engineering classes and super thrilled about that. They have six 3D printers at the school and she can't wait to use them. 
Kinley started school as a 4th grader with Mrs. Kira for a teacher (Taylin had her last year for 1st grade). She had and adjustments period during the assessment tests for the 1st week. Which resulted in a few tears during the school day, good thing I work close.
Taylin started 2nd grade, and luck of all luck her best friend Pepper is in her class. She also started U10 soccer, and Gavin and I are coaching (mostly, Gavin). 
Also, I subbed on Friday! 

Thursday was pretty busy after Taylin's piano lesson, we boogied over to the beach where we happened upon the Summer's clan, and then hustled home for soccer practice and then I had a primary meeting. 

Friday Kinley caught a fish while fishing at the local marsh with Jimmy!
Please note the guitar strings in the vending machine, this is the vending machine at the Kailua Music School, where Taylin and I are waiting for Mya and Kinley to finish their lessons. She really wanted cheetos, I said no.
 Mya started Tuesday, which was the same day I started. So, I had to drop her off and head out.
 Gavin walked out the door on Monday morning, only to turn around and come back stating that, "I checked my calendar and don't have any early meetings". So he came with us for the girls first day of school.
 When our friends the Speeds were traveling the world last year they picked this beauty up. It's a Defender made by Land Rover this one is a 1988, and seats 9 people. I am pretty much in love it. Even though it has no AC, and probably eats up gas. It's just so great looking, and I think I look pretty good next to it. I love the color and all the windows. It smells like dad's garage inside, and it's a stick.
This morning Gavin and I did a little triathlon. 3.1 run, .5 swim in the incredible pacific ocean, and 12 mile bike ride. We were a little rusty on a few things, and Gavin got a flat tire, but used a CO2 cartridge from John to get us back on the rode faster....We also, dropped a bike computer, and a water bottle, the water bottle didn't survive getting hit by a car.

Gavin woke up one day in a cold sweat, he had forgot about a deadline! So, he got that done and we are paying a fee.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Saturday, August 5th

I love this choker hold Taylin has on Kinley. Kinley and I picked out these new purple sheets recently, they love them.Saturday morning we had a RS stake activity, Gavin drove me over to borrow his friends motorcycle, he often leaves town and offers to let me ride it. The bike was there, the key was in the ignition, and the tabs were current. Which was a big fat green light for me to ride it. I picked up Leslie and we headed out, with our skirts rolled up in our jackets. 

 Then after the activity, Jenni wanted a quick ride, while wearing her heels, skirt, and scarf! We just rode in the parking lot. Also, I am a big fan of helmets, most of the photos we took before we put the helmets on.  I love to ride, and I love that my girlfriends think it's fun to ride with me. True friends, supporting my interests. Thank you Dad for teaching me to ride and making so fun, thank you mom for letting us brings great joy!

Then after the RS activity, we all went to the Jack Johnson concert!!!!!
It was super fun in every way. We all carpooled together, we ate at SouthShore Grill, and parked there and walked to the concert.
 We acted like 20 year olds all night long....(until about 11:00pm)
 We took an embarrassing large number of selfies, or almost selfies.
 But, you can't really embarrass family no matter how hard you try. These good people, are like Ohana and I love spending time with them.
 The Shell! With GLove on stage.
Kalani, Jimmy, Leslie, John, Jenni, Adam, Gavin and I. 

End of Summer

We finished summer off with a game of bowling, glow putt-putt, movie, beach days, and hiking. 
 We saw two of the summer dollar movies, "The Adventures of Tin Tin", and "Storks" both were pretty great kid films. Then on the the way out we snapped a picture of this bull....not sure what movie it is for, but we haven't seen it, yet!
 Another day we went to Pali Lanes and played a game of bowling, followed by tag at Aikahi park. We also hit the beach several days, Kinley and Taylor are showing off their sand ball making skills.
 This is on the boat ramp at our local beach, it's a little slippery and fun to sit on and slip around.
We received several treasures from the rodeo, free food, a Thai restaurant gift card, geiko the gecko fans, t-shirts, bandannas, light up head bands, and a bubble gun, lots of glow stick necklaces. We had VIP passes that were pretty incredible. 
 On Friday we hiked Olamana, which is incredible. I already want to go again. It is really beautiful. We found pretty flowers.
A dead comical frog with it's tongue out. 

 And this beautiful ridge with a view!
Beach day!

Waimanalo Rodeo

Our friend Eliza works at the local ranch and called asking if they kids would like to be in the rodeo. The rodeo doesn't happen often here in Hawaii, and we have never been to the local one. So, we said yes! I am so glad we did. It was a lot of fun for the family. We met Kevin the "Clown" and he worked great with the kids. All three girls got to dance off's with him in the arena. 
 The rodeo was really fun, we loved watching all the events. We got to cheer on one of Kinley's classmates in the barrel racing, we also saw several bronco riders and bull riders go out on ambulances. That was pretty intense.  
We love the ranch style living. It was fun to be around all the cowgirls and cowboys and all the farm animals and especially the horses. The girls performed in front of really big crowds, and they were all smile.
(Mya, James, Emma, Kinley...not pictured Taylin, Sage, Polly, Rosie, Calvin and I)
 So glad the firs night at the rodeo was spent with Rosie, and Polly and kids. They were so fun to watch it with. Childhood friends are the best. I love that they have had each other as playmates from infancy.

Ward Camp

The ward had camp from Wednesday, July 26th through Saturday the 29th. Gavin was out of town for work but the girls and I still went and had fun playing at Bellows. We ate a lot of mango's. Did some yoga lead by Uncle Jimmy, played at the beach, and learned how to make haiku lei's and coconut milk. 

 The kids went crabbing with Uncle Jimmy too.
 The weather was beautiful, sunny, and hot.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Weekly update

I have not take pictures this week.
Here are the highlights from this week, followed by general happenings of our life.

-surfing at flat island, Taylin surfed two waves even though she was nervous because of the size of the waves and the shallow waters.
-the Prius I was trying to help repair got towed to the was a generation 3, and the owner made some calls that I would not have.
-Mya went to Goodwill with the YW, and did a BOM reading night with them. They are preparing for a fashion show/etiquette night and reading the BOM as a group over six months.
-Kinley took a good fall at the skate park on her bike.
-we went to Pali lanes and bowled a game.
-we also played a game of glow-putt at the mall.
-Kinley had a yeast injection to her warts to help them go away.
-Gavin and I had a date night while serving food at a regional single adult conference.
-We had a second date to see "Dunkirk" with dessert at Whole Foods, with the Fitzgeralds.
-Mya missed a violin practice and was super grumpy about. (not really highlight, but a lowlight)
-Kinley finished reading a very cute story called "Yours,Sincerely, Giraffe"

Other than that mostly a regular week with some math multiplication, instrument practice, and gymnastics tossed in.

Gavin leaves tonight for a week. He returns next Sunday.
Our anniversary is this week Saturday, 17 years of wedded bliss.
Gavin has been enjoying all things Tim Ferris, which include reading his book and a suggested 5 minutes journaling program. I have been just reading what ever fits my fancy, I just finished reading "Swing Time" which was an okay read I got from my friend Jamie while we were visiting Seattle.
This week is our ward camp from Wednesday-Saturday. We will attend some of it, but not all of it. Because it is on base and kind of a pain to go on and off. Also, this week we have our first gymnastics fundraiser of selling raffle tickets and concessions at a gym open house.