Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring break Monday

Monday morning was great for a run! Followed by a family hike, then swimming in the pool at the Speeds and helping Jimmy load some brush that he had cleared. Mya made Butter Mochi with friends! We hit the library and finished with Gymnastics and left over's for dinner.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

This weeks report!

Taylin had a fun amazon forest report and animal model. She picked the parrot, we made this model out of plastic bottle and paper and hot glue. It looks better from the side, you can see the beak Taylin worked hard on, not sure why the only picture I have is this one....
 Also on Monday I had a doctor's appointment and after words meet Leslie for my first post surgery surfing session. I also got their early enough to read my book sitting in the sand for a few minutes.

 Kinley waiting for her drum lesson to start! 
 Gavin and I are both reading the book "Four hour work week" by Tim Ferris. It's interesting, when I finish it I will let you know if it's worth your time. 
Cooperation game with my AGT students!

Shirley flew in on Tuesday and has been able to get some rest from her mid-west life and enjoy the birds, and quite of our empty house until we return after school/work.
Thursday while driving to a play practice that I was leading, I got rear ended! I had Taylin and her friend Brinlyn in the backseat, everybody was fine. We were stopped at a light and she didn't notice until to late. She hit us about as hard as can without causing damages, we totally lucked out. I pulled over and she followed. She looked young, around 21 I would guess. She was apologetic and hugged me. She was really scared and when I got back in my car to leave I saw her break down bawling in her car. So grateful that nobody was hurt, and no air bags deployed. 
Thursday night Taylin set a leprechaun trap and in the morning she discovered he had come, but got away. He left a box of Lucky Charms, green hair bows, a pot of green and gold candy and the sneaky little man had drawn on all the girls in their sleep with green marker. Also, Kinley's fish blue died...
I subbed at our school on Friday for the Music teacher which was great because I had all the 3rd grade classes and we got to work on their May Day song/performance. They are singing a New Zealand song and performing a dance with sticks.  
Friday night we had homemade pizza and a movie, we were hoping for Cinderella, or In to the Woods, but ended up with Trolls, which wasn't that impressive. We did have friends stop by with a surprise pan of St. Paddy's Day rice crispy treats made from lucky charms! I love that our friends feel comfortable enough to stop by unannounced, and not feel bad when the adults refuse to get out of bed and put clothes on...but, we did text from our bed.

Saturday's soccer game. Mya's last game of the season with follow up pot luck. Undefeated season, well one tie....but no losses.
 Pretty nice backyard view from Faith's house, not every after season soccer pot luck party has a view like this!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Last weekend the girls saw some optical illusions in a science book we have and they wanted to give them a try, here is Mya and Kinley modeling, "my head rolled off".
 Kinley the cliff hanger
 Let's just start the weekly recap with Saturday because it was a PERFECT, soccer Saturday! I mean look at those mountains. We had the first game of the day at 8:30am, we had shaded seats. Mya played the best game of her LIFE!
 Kinley wearing her "not lucky, just awesome" shirt! Maybe that's what helped Mya?
They played with only 8 players on the field, the other team played 9 players on the field and two subs. Mya's team was missing a few due to travel, illness, and injury. But, they played great! and Won 3-1. Mya played one quarter as keeper, and got scored on, but she saved several too. The best was watching her hug her team mates after she scored!
 She charged the ball, and looked confident the whole game. 

 They only have one game left this season, and her coach and his family is moving to Colorado this June. He has volunteer coached his kids teams for years, and says this is it....he is done after this season. His daughter is a great soccer player, and a great friend to Mya. We are so sad to have them leave. Mya loved being on his team.
Riley, Faith, and Mya after their first game, enjoying cookies that Kinley made before 8:00am to share with her team. They all asked to stay and play a second game, when the next team showed up with out enough players. So, two games, back to back for Mya! We left her there and went to Costco, and then picked her up in the evening from Faith's after serious swimming and playing and not enough sunblock.

After unloading our Costco trip we jumped on our bikes and pedaled over to meet our friends the Fitzgerald's. Then our bike parade of 9 bikes cruised down the street to the Speeds, for some swimming,  exercise, and fudge eating followed by a bike ride to the grocery store and a picnic by the local marsh.
 We love having a warm and green March!
 We love biking in swim suits! 
This week is St. Patrick's Day.
Monday I subbed for a 1st grade class, the teacher that Kinley had for 1st grade. Her class was very well behaved and I was impressed. Tuesday Kinley had her first drum lesson and really enjoyed it. She has been playing all week. 

Both Mya and Taylin were invited onto the new Gym's team. We are going to let them try it for one year, if our finances can hold out that long. Gymnastics is so expensive. 

Wednesday the school had their spring fling book fair, and my GT class gave a few presentations on their projects (blended animals, and oral histories). They talked about what they created and what they learned. Some of the 6th graders even expressed gratitude for me...(gasp)!

Thursday was Bruce and Sandy's anniversary! Happy anniversary to my parents, they are great examples of love and I am thankful they are mine. 

Friday I had a a CTO meeting and a Primary presidency meeting. Learned the first of the animal dances for Cinderella, and worked on planning some activities for the primary kiddos. Then made pizza crusts and a pizza for dinner. 

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Another one for the books

Let's see the week started out pretty great when we were able to borrow a drum set from our friends!
Kinley has decided to take a break from piano and try playing the drums! Her first lesson is this Tuesday, she is very excited.

Also, on Monday I made a menu and hit the grocery stores. We have eaten well all week! I love making a menu it makes dinner time so much easier. I wish I could be consistent in this area. I did not take any sub jobs, but I felt good about feeding my family real dinners all week.
Thursday I had a parent CTO meeting which was pretty short, although I got tasked with locking the building up and struggled with that. I ended up locking myself in, after my cry's for help didn't result in alarming anybody, I had to unlock the entire building and try again. Hilarious.
Thursday was the very anticipated "Fitness Meet". This is for grades 3-6 sort of like what we had as kids. The PE teacher tests all the kids and top kids from each event get invited to compete at the fitness meet. It's at a local high school and only a handful of kids get to go. Kinley holds the record for the school bent arm hang at 48 seconds. However, for reasons unknown to me she did not get to compete in this event. Both her and Mya competed in the curl-ups (sit-ups), and Mya ran the 400, and Kinley the 200 (they don't let 3rd, graders race the 400). I was really sad to miss their performance, but I had to work and so did Gavin. But, we had friends there!

 Kinley, Christa, a pink shirt girl, and their amazing PE teacher, Mrs. James!
I guess we find out how they stack up later, the kids had no idea. They just had a good time.
*Gavin has been working hard, attending physical therapy attempting to get his foot/feet feeling better.
Taylin had fun in class celebrating Dr. Suess's birthday! 

Mya had her first temple experience this morning, they left at 4:30am for a 6:00am time slot with the youth. Gavin got to go and be with her, I stayed home feeling jealous. After, all my time in Young Women's I always imagined I would be there for my kids first times. Oh, well. Glad Gavin got to take her.

Sunday, February 26, 2017


This week was good.
Monday there was no school due to Presidents day and so we went to the Water park with the Fitzgeralds. The kids had fun, even though it was pretty croweded.
Tuesday was the start of Spirit week at the school and so the kids could were pajamas to school. Taylin and Kinley both showed off their pj's, Mya was to cool for that business.
Wednesday was sports day, and the jog-a-thon. All three of the girls were the fastest in their class, and won a medal, which they pointed out wasn't actually made of metal, but was plastic. Kinley ran 32 laps, Mya 31, and Taylin 28. I don't know how far they ran, but they ran for twenty minutes. Wednesday evening we played some good games of pit and phase 10.

Thursday was throwback day, and wore side pony tails! I had a CTO meeting in the evening and it's always fun to see the CTO ladies. 
Friday was "freaky friday" The dressed mismatch and sprayed colored hairspray in their hair. Mya had a BOM reading night again and Gavin got to be a guest reader. 
Saturday morning we went to Mya's soccer game, it was early and at a close field! They won 4-1, but the other team had one own goal. So really, 3-1. Mya played well. That evening Gavin and I went out to dinner at Whole Foods for Jimmy's birthday, followed by a great game of nerf guns at the church! We were like giddy children running around the gym having battles. 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

 legos....the constant in our lives. 

 We toured the queens palace again, this time with out gavin, but with megan.
 Megan sponsored each child one squished penny!
 We spotted a few of these green birds, they are super camouflaged.
 Gecko eggs!
 Then we all went to a RALLY, were Gavin was asked to speak on Hawaii Tax Fairness!

 We hit up the macadamia nut farm
 Free nuts for all! Crack as many as you like.

 The family that flosses together.....(I am not sure how to end this one yet)
 Mya and Gavin went to a science symposium for girls, so Kinley and Taylin wanted a science day too. We made edible glass and gak.

 Smashing nuts

 Natural lipstick, we asked Mya to model
 It was windy
 And sunny
And perfectly beautiful!
Then we had to head home for the girls gymnastics classes!

 Mya's soccer game they won 5-1, she played great defense. The team held their positions well, and passed! fun day.