Sunday, April 23, 2017

Lots of Art exhibit pictures

 Mya went on a field trip this week and came home saying, "It was pure amazement"
So I looked into where she went and it seemed pretty cool, I got tickets for Gavin and I and the kids were free! First thing we see after parking the car, on our way in was this great big pink flying pig! We know Sandy would have loved this!

 Gavin and I biked several miles together on Saturday for the first time in a while. It was fun to be out biking again.
 The coolest art exhibit was a dark room where there were projectors hanging from the ceiling. When you entered they gave you a picture to color, either a flower, bird, lizard, or frog. Then after you colored your picture, they scanned it in the dark corner of the room, and your picture came alive. It would hop, fly, jump, or bloom all around the floor of the room, if you stepped on it it would splat and disappear. We spent a good long time in this room. It was super dark and so no pictures.

 This was a breathing lotus, it inhaled and exhaled, it was really neat too.
 We stopped and got dessert at big city diner, Mya brought her friend Paige along.

This week I only worked 4 days, taking Friday off. I worked Monday substituting for a teacher at our kids school. I love when it works out that way! Gavin and I had fun running together each day this week, and doing some strength training with his new craigslist find of a bench and bar with weights.
 One fun find, was coming across this self portrait that Megan drew of and left in our paper drawer. I love that she is the kind of thoughtful person that would do something like leave a self drawn picture for me to find months later.
 The primary ran a kids activity of creating cardboard cars out of large boxes, paper, straws, glue, stickers, tape....and then watching a few Mormon messages. While we were in the building the young men were prepping 450 pounds of pork to sell. Serious amounts of work.
 We hit up a cool art museum on Saturday after the primary activity. It was the Honolulu Biennial Art Show. They had about 20 artists and their work is spread around Honolulu. We had so much fun seeing the work.  The chandeliers strange green color comes from chemical waste. They had four different glowing chandeliers in the room each one represented a different country and each bead represented a nuclear power plant in that country. The US chandelier was one of the larger ones.
Our group also loved "Crossings: Project another country" The artists made boats and loaded them with person belongings as if they were families make a new home.
The breathing lotus flower was another favorite.

Our week

I found these pictures that I took on hike during spring break but forgot to post. The hike leads to a Heiau. Heiau's are Hawaiian temples, or sacred spots.
 The hike is right behind where the girls take gymnastics in Kailua, also near the transfer station.

 Here you can see the Heiau, it is right above where all the kids and Jimmy are standing.

Grandma T send a Easter Party box!
The kids planned and then attended their own Easter party!
This is what the decorated cupcakes looked like!
On Saturday we ran an unofficial 3 mile fun run. Here is Mya and Kinley at the half way point.
It was an out and back run along the local marsh wall. Kinley took it out fast and needed encouragement to make it back.
Then we hid eggs and hunted.
Then they traded and bartered candy

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Good news

I know I missed last week, I just didn't make the time to do it. But, I am here this Sunday morning at 6am typing on the cold computer. I am ready to declare our report of recent events.

Gavin's work is going really well, we just set our second batch of 12 week goals, based on the book the 12 week year. Gavin got a very nice raise approved for this year! Really excited for that.
I am working and enjoying it, I worked 4 days last week and 5 days this week.

Mya was accepted into the intermediate school's honors program! She tested for it in January and we just found out, she is thrilled. She will get to take all four of the honor's classes they offer, math, english, science, and social studies. She is also thrilled to be doing a round-off back handspring on stage during the ten shows of Cinderella, and she also is mic'd with lines and gets to sing harmony on the opening song.

Mya and Kinley both went to the dentist recently and have no cavities! Funny story about Kinley, a few weeks ago she opened the door to our room, in the middle of the night. It was dark, but I could see her outline. The door opening woke me and looked toward the door to see Kinley pull her underwear down and squatting over our trash can!
I shouted out, "Kinley! Kinley! Kinley! Stop. Go to the bathroom."
She said, "that's what I am doing."
"Next door down, the bathroom is the next door down!" I said.
"Oh" she said as she pulled her underwear back up and stumbled to the bathroom to use the toilet.
Close one.

We have started looking into getting the bathroom floor repaired in the house we live in. It's been leaking for a long time and the wood under the bathroom is rotting. Yikes! It's getting so soft that we worry about the shower falling through. Seems, like the right time to fix it.

Friday night the girls and I went to Honolulu after gymnastics to a rally! "Take an ax to unjust tax!" Gavin was speaking on a panel. You should have seen the women's face who was running the venue when I walked up with three kids!
She said, "Are you here for the tax rally?"
"And you brought your kids?
Well, they are Gavin and mine...but, yeah
Look of total dismay....followed by, "that's wonderful, come on in and let's get some chairs set up for you.

The tax rally was pretty good, the kids got a little bored after an hour so we left to go for a walk and then met up with Gavin later. I was pleased that about 40 people would show up on a Friday night to try to learn and solve a tax problem. Gavin's work has a bill going through senate that is doing really well and would help balance out the amount of taxes people in HI pay. Finger's crossed it makes it though the long process. After the rally we had a rare dinner out at the fancy Jack in the Box! Taylin fell asleep at the restaurant.

Happy to not be listening to local tax issues.!
St. Andrew's cathedral (the venue)

Saturday morning Gavin and I jogged short distance up a BIG hill! At the top I stayed for a RS sunrise activity that started at 6 am and lasted until an hour and a half.  After that, the family helped some friends load up their Matson container for a move to the mainland. After that we headed into town for another rally. This one was on a trolley. We called it a trally. It was for "Housing now" which is a movement for making affordable housing in Hawaii. The kids enjoyed the trolley ride through Waikiki. After they served lunch and cake. We all wished we enjoyed bento boxes more, but we don't and Gavin got to eat a lot of meat, while we enjoyed haupia cake. Then we hit saver's, the second hand store and Costco.

 Back row of trolley
 Wearing our housing now red shirts
The trolley stopped by an ADU (accessory dwelling unit) that is seating out on the lawn downtown near the legislate building. Gavin's work was responsible for doing this. It's really great! The state has waved the permitting fees for adding these to your property. So, if you are fortunate to own property in Hawaii you could get one of these ADU's for a reasonable price. The one pictured here was set up with solar panels, washer/dryer, stove, dishwasher, and full bath. It's cost was about $80,000. A steal. It was fun to walk through. There is a need for these in Hawaii, and I am so glad Gavin was able to help.

After some rest from our morning activities we had a huge family water balloon fight. It was an incredible amount of fun. Then Gavin and I went to a ward potluck that was almost a luau, it was all meat, complete with a whole roasted pig (head and butt still attached).  Yum. Some folks had seen us on TV riding the trolley!

When we got home the girls were still up but in bed. It was 8:15. Gavin helped me get ready for our "8 is great, primary preview" by making rainbow ice, while i made little favors out of donuts.

Only seven weeks of school left for this year! We are looking forward to another week. Hopefully, we will make more plans for the bathroom repair, work on our coming CTO play, and continue to look into the Prius A/C which seems to be fading a little and plan for Easter.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Barbar's point, white plains beach house

Tuesday morning we worked on homework packets until 10:00 am and then we went to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie at our newly renovated movie theater. It has amazing reclining chairs! The movie was great! Then we packed for our trip to the beach house on the west side.
I took Mya to violin, and Kinley to drum lessons and then I took them to their first CTO practice of the season while Gavin, Shirley and Taylin hit up the Kapolei costco for food and checked into the beach house. It was right on the water and amazing. 2 bedroom, 2 bath. Available only to military (thanks Shirley). We opened up all the window's and doors and let the ocean breeze blow through.

Wednesday we woke up and went surfing with Mya and Taylin. We surfed three times that day, and skipped taking the girls to gymnastics. We also did some reading, games, and shell collecting. We rented Moana from Redbox and watched it.
 Painting with Grandma
 Inside the kitchen and living room of the beach house.
 Kinley got that nasty croupy cough while we were there. She she felt pretty crummy for a few days. She woke around 4 am having trouble breathing. Gavin had taken our car and the gate key to get out. We tried calling but he had his phone on do not disturb setting (we learned you need to call twice within 3 minutes to get through...i called twice within 4 minutes). Gavin told me he would be at the closest Starbucks using the wi-fi and hammering out a few hours of work. We had to call security to open the gate. I sent Kinley with Shirley to Gavin (Shirley's rental car could only be driven by her and Gavin had our car). But, there were too many Starbucks and she couldn't find him. So she grabbed some breathing supplies from the local drug store and met up with Gavin back at the beach house. While I wanted there praying Kinley would feel better the police knocked on the door about 10 minutes after they left saying he had a gate key. I told him thanks, but they had already got out. What a rough start to the morning. Kinley started feeling better, I think just because the sun came out and nights are always scarier than days.
 Mya lounging in the hammock
 Taylin and Dad heading out for some waves. Taylin went out on her own during this trip. She can paddle out and catch waves by herself. It's pretty fun to watch her try to pull the board out onto the beach, it weights as much as her. 
 Taylin's style is the safety stance!
 We saw all the early morning's standing in the sand looking for the moon, shells, and surf.
 Peek-a-boo Kinley bear
 Morning beach walk with dad

 Happy about the card game.
 Waiting for the sun to pop up over the clouds

 You can see the beach house in the back, ours was the brown one, so close to the water, and the surfing, also Taylin learned to braid her own hair. I remember doing the same thing.
Outdoor shower and hose for rinsing off before heading in.

Thursday morning we went surfing, then Gavin and I drove to town for a board meeting and Dr.'s appointment. Grandma crafted with the girls. I took Taylin to CTO practice and we picked up the movie SING and watched it. We took a lot of video's with the Gopro camera, but we haven't compiled them into anything yet.

Friday we packed our stuff out of the beach house, and spent the hole day shell collecting and surfing. The fitzgerald's came out to play with us too. Then we hit up Wendy's for a late lunch and headed home to clean and unpack, we had dinner at the Fitzgerald's house (except Mya who went to a birthday party). Then we sang songs and played instruments until 9 pm.

Saturday we cleaned more and tackled the mound of laundry left over from the week of fun. Gavin cleaned the bathroom and through out tones of half empty bottles of unnecessary supplies...a whole trash bag full. I picked up some wire to make a few bangle bracelets, Kinley went on a pirate ship adventure, Taylin went on a grandma date, I took Mya and Kinley to the general women's conference.