Monday, June 19, 2017

More visits

After visiting with Ann, Jeff and family and Genny, Dan and kids we spent the next day hanging out with Sara and her kids, then on Friday we stopped by for a short visit with Amy Leonard and her kids. Her kids are so adorable. Mya and Ian had played soccer together...about 7 years ago. Our visit wasn't long enough and when we left Taylin commented that her boys played "gentle", which she liked. They are in a new place that has an incredible view and yard, total kid heaven. Only wish we would have been able to say hello to her husband. Next time. The kids loved snacking on her watermelon, white bread and nutella! It's good to see old friends be able to share stories and catch up. The next day we convinced Scott to meet us at Ikea for dinner and a fast walk through. The cousins loved it, Scott tolerated it. 
 Who is taller? It's Taylin! Six months older and about a half inch taller.
Cafeteria style dinner.

 Cute cousins.
 After our IKEA adventure we went to Scott's place and discovered the power was out, so we played outside and made s'more's.
Also, there was some dog pile play time. Earlier in the day we Mya was asking what nick names me and my siblings had. I remembered that Scott and Mark, were dubbed the "grubbies" because they were always fighting, and dirty...
On Sunday we headed to our old Sumner ward for church. We had fun hugging and catching up with old friends. The speakers did a good job and I appreciated their comments regarding raising yourn families and how we should use soft voices, and show love. Plus, it was fun to not be in primary for a change of pace. After church we headed over to visit with John and Melanie Payne. We ate homemade ice cream and strawberries.

 The Payne's have a farm and board horses. They let Tyler show us around.

The kids rode "Montana", and "Roma"

It's so fun to walk outside the front door onto a porch and see your children jumping on the trampoline and reading on the front porch swing, such an ideal place to grow and live. Again wish we could have visited longer and heard more stories of their adventures. They made our fatherless, father's day pretty memorable. Can't wait to pick up Gavin from the airport on Monday! After leaving the farm, we headed back to Sara's to finish making twice baked potatoes for Grant Erickson's father day dinner. We had fun visiting with Grant and Eileen and hearing about their trip to Nicaragua, they had just returned from a week visit with their with their son Micheal and his family. They loved it there and thought it was incredibly beautiful. We also got to see Jon and Tracey and their family. Their daughter Lydia and Mya hit it off! Peter and two of his boys stopped in and they are doing basketball very well, Jon says Peter's son Peter Daniel has a real shot at the NBA in his future.   

Thursday, June 15, 2017


We visited Ann and Jeff Stone for dinner on Wednesday night. It was such a great night. We chatted and ate and the kids played with their dog, they played tag, there was a lot of laughing and reminiscing  about old times. It was a perfect time to love and fill loved by years of friendship. We realized we were 14 and 16 when we met (the same ages as her kids now). 

 I was so impressed with the kindness their children showed to mine. They played tag for a long time and Luka let Taylin drag him around by the arm all night, even though they had homework and finals coming up.

 After dinner with Ann and Jeff we drove to West Seattle and chatted with our old Sumner friends Genny and Dan.

Mainland trip

Okay so buying tickets months in advance is not a good thing for me. I ended up agreeing to a ridiculous travel itinerary months ago, and I am not sure why?!?!? Luckily, I had just finished reading a book called "The Energy Bus" which was all about having positive energy. So that got us through our 11:00pm Honolulu red eye flight (Kinley vomited on the descent). The two and a half hour lay over in LAX, the 1 hour sitting on the run way followed by the 50 minute flight to SFO, followed by another lay over and finally a delayed flight into Seattle. Kinley vomited on the descent again....I was so happy to see Scott when he picked us up that I cried (just briefly). We grabbed pizza and headed to his house to visit with cousins and then drove to Buckley to stay with Sara and her family. It was a quite a journey!

 I guess it was the 15 hours of traveling up and down, it's never happened before, but check out my swollen ankle, mostly just the left one.....yikes.
When we woke up the girls spent the day playing with dogs, chickens, kittens, and goats!

 Also, we went to WINCO!
Winco for the win. 
We love bulk food.

 I am not sure how we aren't dog owners....other than the we have a postage stamp for a yard.
 Small town American barn.

Summer time

After CTO wrapped up, we had stake conference followed by a birthday party potluck for Leslie. Kalani gave a great birthday speech which was somewhat out of character for him, and really sweet. We ate food and drank coconut water fresh out of the coconuts, which came off Kalani's tree's and then out of his freezer so they were perfectly chilled! I loved it.  
Monday we celebrated Leslie's birthday with breakfast at the Crepe place, followed by shopping! Jenni went home and had all the kids over for Pepper's Birthday party. Then we had the cast party for CTO at Janny's. It was a full Monday. 
Tuesday we went to the tide pools and diving!
Wednesday we hiked to the lighthouse and then we went to Alan Davis beach. 
Thursday I can't remember, what happened. 
Friday we went to the Water Park and had a great time because it was empty and we rode all the big ticket rides. 
Saturday I went to a wedding reception for Analise Arnold, while Gavin took the girls to Kinley's track meet. Gavin got a flat tire and right next to Costco, and was pleased to find out it was only going to cost him $13! However, it also cost him four hours of time which ended up being used to take his kids to the new Wonder Woman movie....making for a great day and a slightly more costly tire repair. 
Sunday we had another potluck at the Morse's. 

 Tide Pools
 Alan Davis beach
Water Park friends!
 Brent, Kinley, McKinley, Keali'i, Kainoa, Max, Ethan, Mya, Carley, and Taylor...the kids table.
Ann, Jenni, Lisa, Janny, Me, Jaymie, Tiani, Kahi, Leslie, Tai, James, Julie and baby, Autumn, Ava, and Leina sharing some quality hammock time.
Jenni, TD, Sai, Analise, and Janny

Cinderella the Show

School ended and tech week started with CTO, so we didn't have anytime to slow down or enjoy the beginning of summer. But, we didn't want to slow down, we love CTO and we were so excited to move into the Paliku Theater and get our show ready for the audiences. 
 Taylin is waiting backstage for her role as the trumpet blowing mouse!
 A few mice with the prince!
During one of the "Meet and Greets" after the show. I know that I have three kids in the show, but I am only in charge of the youngest one's group. I couldn't find the other two to grab a picture. But, three pictures isn't enough....luckily we will post more later.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Last week of school

I am starting off with last Sunday, because it was unusually spectacular. After church we took a nap! Then we made home made taffy! I remember doing this with my family as a child, and thinking how fun it was. Gavin bought a kitchen science book for the girls and we have been doing the experiments, this recipe was one of them. We made orange flavored taffy, it was a lot of fun. Personally, I think it tasted terrible, but was still fun to make. For flavor, I would say stick buying salt water taffy it's much better tasting (our recipe didn't call for any salt water...)

Later in the day we took our rocket to the park to watch it fly. Powered by baking soda and vinegar, this cool toy came from the Easter Bunny! We had a lot of fun relaunching it over and over again until we ran out of vinegar.

Alright, so that was last Sunday. Then we had the last week on school. Which was eagerly anticipated. The kids brought home a lot of art work and unused school supplies, they had classroom parties, and assemblies. All three of our girls had perfect attendance 4th quarter, and all three of them also meet their school assigned reading goals for all 4 quarters! After they read books they take these comprehension tests on them, and it tracks their reading. My was the schools 3rd highest reader, at over 2 million words read (2,302,659 words)...I am not sure what that means but she was happy to get recognized. She was also recognized for her work in Library club, Kinley was recognized for placing 2nd in the 400m dash at the fitness meet which is a competition between all the schools in the Windward District, about 20 schools. Mya also received awards from her class for being the most determined, and a master reader. 6th grade (completion) graduation is a big deal here in Hawaii. The students practiced all week, there were performances, and speeches, hugs, and tears! On Friday they hold a graduation ceremony. Gavin left for work, while I was still finishing getting ready, then 10 minutes later he called and said, he had gotten off the bus, near the girls school, and was planning to attend the graduation. Then he asked me to apply a little more pressure in that regard...getting him to attend memorable events (at least I am not a nag). 
 Mya and her good friend Emi, who was the student council president and addressed the audience with a very good speech! Emi will not be going to KIS with Mya next year, but to Kamehameha.
 Mya hugging the principal, right after all the sixth graders performed Bruno Mars song, "You can Count on me".
 Principal Mrs, McElhaney
 Mya's all time favorite teacher from 4th grade, Mrs. Gallagher

 Lindsey Dong, Mr. Mozzachio (Mya's 6th grade teacher), Mya

A goodbye hug from the librarian Mrs. Hiyashi, who is someone I work closely with. She is amazing.

 Mrs. Hiyashi and Mya

 Mya and Leah
 Mya and Avery
 Mya and Elisha
After the ceremony the 6th graders go home, so she was done with school around 10:00am, Gavin went to work, and we went home. I said, "We have a few hours before we need to pick up your sisters, what would you like to do?" Amazingly, she responded with, "Surf"
So we did.
We loaded up the boards and drove to the beach and surfed at flat island, Mya commented on the beauty of the water, and it was beautiful. We laughed and chatted as paddled out (it's sort of a long paddle out). There was only a few older ladies out, and one SUP, Mya caught almost every wave she paddled for. After a few rides we paddled back in, stopping to swim a few times. Then we put the boards up and just swam in the shore line. Then we went home showered, read a book together taking turns reading aloud. It was a dream day for both us. We returned to the school to get Kinley and Taylin, we stayed after school at the park for little while, blowing bubbles and enjoying the new felt freedom of the summer ahead. 
Summer we are ready for you. 
Saturday morning we got up and the kids and Gavin walked to Safeway for donuts, I picked them up and we headed to chapel clean up, then we went to the help pack out the Gunderson family. They were the perfect family to help move, they had everything packed up and ready to go, we just moved it into the container. Then we went headed over to White Plains for some surfing followed by Kinley's second ever track meet, this time she ran the 100m dash, the 1500m, and the 400m. We stopped by Costco on the way home and got dinner at Coscto, but we arrived so close to the closing time that they only had 1 slice of cheese pizza left to sell us, so we hit up Burger King, I got a veggie burger, and no they aren't very good, but they have always sold them, and I like that they give non-meat eaters that option. While there we tried an order of Mac'n Cheese stuffed cheetos, you don't need to bother with those....ever, not good. Dry and gross. We drove home and unloaded and crashed into bed. 
Today we are sending super extra prayers and fasting for our friend Leslie who needs to get a nursing job here in hawaii, she has been working as a tech for sometime and they opened up the program she needs there are 4 spots, and 6 candidates, she takes her test tomorrow. Also, for Elder Kapono Vincent who needs to overcome his battle with depression to return to the mission field, and for the tiny possible human that Derek and Karen are hoping will bless their family. So much to be grateful for this week that it's hard to be asking for more, but I know that all three of these causes are worthy and all 3 situations are good things to be asking for.